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About us

Who we are

Fashion R is a one stop site for all fashion and brand related information. Providing carefully curated search results, the site features information about apparel brands, best e commerce websites, designers, fashion trends and bridal boutiques. We create article for every brand as well as on all fashion related subjects like latest trends, popular collections, new designs, ethnic wear, saris, fabrics, bridal wear and even information about weavers. Our objective is to help other brands grow and increase their visibility.

What we offer

We offer featured posts, blog articles and listicles for different designers, paid promotions, brand video production, SEO and a wide variety of services. Our team of experienced professionals including content writers, web developers, and SEO analysts will ensure that your brand stands apart from the crowd and is creatively marketed to enhance your business practices and to give your consumer a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand targeted SEO

We routinely update website content according to SEO requirements. Including SEO into our content gives your brands a higher chance of featuring in top search results on the web, thereby helping boost your market value. It increases brand credibility, gives you an advantage over your competitors and is an important tool of support to your marketing campaigns. Featuring in our search engine optimized content will promote organic brand discovery and high quality traffic to your web page.

Paid promotions

Paid promotions ensure target based marketing. These provide a cost effective way to reach your clientele and garner instant results. The biggest advantage of paid promotions is increased brand awareness. As we are still in a nascent stage, we are offering discounts on paid promotions for a limited time period. This is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Social media marketing

Today, social media marketing is crucial for every brand. It is important to constantly be in the public eye. Clients access social media profiles to check brand credibility, reputation and reviews. Hence, an extensive social media presence is indispensable for every business. We at FashionR are dedicated to sharing every brand’s social media profiles, promotional videos, photos, reviews, testimonials, business address, location and website links. This will ensure more traffic to the brand’s webpages, generating revenue in the process and also keeping the end consumer constantly updated.

Reach out

Contact us for all your advertising, marketing and promotional requirements. We cater to brand specific needs and curate content with an objective to maximize output.

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