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mysore silk saree

Mysore Silk Saree- Exqiuiste threads of Royalty and Splendour

Having a Mysore silk saree from Mysore, Karnataka in your wardrobe is like having a treasure. The finest quality silk used in making these sarees makes it extra special. Let us find out what makes the Mysore silk saree so desirable in this blog post.

The “Mysore silk saree” is regarded as an icon of traditional culture, elegance and refinement. A beautiful Mysore silk saree, which originated in the city of Mysore, is a symbol of India’s rich cultural and vibrant heritage. It is one of the most intricately handcrafted works of art.

Mysore silk sarees are made with unparalleled craft and accuracy by skilled artisans. Offered in different designs and patterns, they inspire you to wear them at every festival or wedding. If you have recently visited a South Indian wedding, you would have admired a beautiful Mysore silk saree, draped gracefully over the bride’s shoulder.

Lustrous history of Mysore silk sarees

It is believed that the origins of the Mysore silk saree date back to the 1790s. Tipu Sultan who was the then-ruler of Mysore was captivated by a silk cloth gifted to him by the ambassador of the Qing Dynasty’s royal court in China. He was so charmed by the gift that he sent delegations to Bengal and China in search of silkworms for cultivation. He then established silkworm breeding stations as well as mulberry farms to feed and rear silkworms. Within a century, the Kingdom of Mysore had risen to prominence as the country’s leading silk producer.

The silk industry experienced a steady decline during the nineteenth century due to a variety of economic factors. But the Mysore Royal Family’s Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV was determined to revive the situation. After witnessing Queen Victoria’s birthday celebrations in the United Kingdom, he ordered 32 power looms from Switzerland and established a silk manufacturing unit in Mysore. Sericulture flourished during his reign as the unit’s capacity increased, and the Maharaja ended up purchasing 138 more looms during his rule.


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Why is Mysore Silk Saree so special?

Mysore silk sarees are lightweight and easy to drape. They are the preferred choice of saree lovers to beat the heat during the hot and humid months. As they are made from pure silk, they last for generations. Many families have Mysore silk sarees which are passed on from one generation to other.

What is Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC)?

Mysore is known for its Royal heritage and grandeur, and it is no surprise that the silk produced there reflects this in its rich yet delicate motifs. Mysore silk is a fitting tribute to its ancestors. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC) has been producing 100% pure silk with pure gold zari for over seven decades. Silk products are made in factories in the Mysore district of Karnataka state, INDIA.

Sri Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Maharaja of Mysore province, founded the silk weaving factory in Mysore, which is now owned by KSIC. Initially, silk fabrics were manufactured and supplied to meet the royal family’s needs. But with the help of KSIC, you can have this piece of extraordinary workmanship in your wardrobe.

KSIC is the only organization in the country that controls the entire spectrum of silk production, from cocoon reeling to the weaving of pure silk fabric in a variety of shades and designs, all under one roof.

KSIC only uses high-quality pure natural silk and gold zari. The zari never tarnishes and retains its lustre even after extended use. KSIC Mysore Silk stamps a unique code number and hologram as identification marks on each of its zari sarees to ensure authenticity.

What is silk mark certified?

Silk lovers have long struggled to distinguish pure silk from a plethora of other fibres which are currently available in the market. Silk Mark was introduced to help buyers in determining pure silk.

Paper hangtags and sew-in labels are applied to pure silk products by Silk Mark authorized users. Each label bears a hologram and a unique number that allows the consumer to trace the product back to the authorized user. With the silk mark certification, one can easily identify a pure natural silk garment. Silk lovers can now buy the “Queen of Textiles” without feeling cheated.

Every Bride’s Pride

Mysore crepe silk sarees are a sight to behold. They have a history spanning more than two centuries. The subtlety of the Mysore crepe silk saree is evident in its lightly designed body and zari-woven simple borders. Mysore crepe silk is the most desirable because of its attractive and lustrous appearance. The lustrous fabric is not only eye-catching but also extra soft. Originally designed for Mysore royalty, is any bride’s first choice on her most special day.

Trending Mysore crepe bridal saree for you

Natural silk is nature’s gift to humanity. Some of its most distinguishing features include its enchanting sheen, amazing drape, enamouring feel, and radiant look. The allure of natural silk enchanted our forefathers to incorporate it into many religious rituals. Mysore crepe sarees are a must in a new bride’s trousseau. After all, it’s every bride’s dream to look like royalty.

Best place to buy Mysore silk saree

If you have been in the market looking for the best quality Mysore silk saree online, then you have landed in the right place. These silky smooth sarees are available in various colours with attractive embroidery and tassels on our Fashionr website. On our website you can buy that saree you have been eyeing. Our silk certified party wear sarees are sure to turn many heads at parties.

Mysore sarees are very special. Mysore silk allows it to be less heavy and more durable than some other varieties. These specific characteristics have made them popular with people in South India for generations, and they would make an excellent gift option for a bride or a wedding.

Mysore Silk sarees have a very special place in Indian women’s heart and wardrobe. Explore our extensive collection of handcrafted Mysore Silk Sarees available in plethora of colours and designs.

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